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The aim of this site - is to allow you the chance to get a good idea of the questions which we think you are likely to see in the CAA’s new style exams.

In addition to the old 4 option multiple choice questions, this site also contains 3 new styles of questions:

1 – Questions where you are required to write in the answer to the question given. The answers are numerical only, written as a whole number typed into the box provided. The units the answer must be given in is written directly after the box. So you must ensure you are writing the correct answer for the unit specified! We assume that some “tolerance” on the correct answer will be available for some of these questions – but determining how much is a challenge!

2 – Questions where you are required to complete the statements in the question using the words or sentences provided in one or more drop-down boxes. EACH drop-down box will be worth one mark, so you can score part marks in these questions as some questions will be worth more than 1 mark.

3 – Questions where you will be given a list containing a number of possible facts/statements – you are required to mark ALL those facts/statements which agree with the question given. You will ONLY get the mark for this style of question if you mark ALL the correct answers.

In the absence of much detailed information from the CAA we have had to make an educated guess on which questions will be re-styled.

We have also made the decision to randomise the information in all the drop-down lists and the order of statements in the True/ False lists. This makes these questions much more difficult – especially if you have memorised the correct answer with the fixed ordered lists given in the original exam question. (You have been warned!).

All our “write in answers” currently require you to enter a whole number – but in your formal CAA exam, if you see questions requiring answers with a specific number of decimal places detailed PLEASE do let us know

To which end, we would very much appreciate any feedback you have after you’ve taken one of the new style exams!

We think it’s unlikely that more than 20% of the new style exam questions will be found in any of the exams (with the possible exception of Flight Planning).

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